Fixing a broken Blu-Ray drive in my brother’s PS3. The console stopped reading discs but still played digital download games. The PCB in these drives also holds the “keys” for the titles saved to the console which must match the keys registered with the console. I extracted the PCB from the broken drive and installed it into the replacement drive so the console would recognise the new drive. 


Hey everyone!

With the release of The Last of Us finally here (and man has it been an exciting 2 weeks), it’s time for a giveaway!  As I mentioned earlier this week, the lovely babes over at Naughty Dog had sent me some signed goodies and things to giveaway and now is your chance to score some awesome The Last of Us literature!  Read below to find out how:


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  • You must reblog this post (once; twice if you feel like it but PLEASE NOTE that it does not count as two entries)
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  • *Since I anticipate this giveaway to receive quite a bit of attention, I am going to run this giveaway only for the weekend.  This will make it easier for me when going through the notes and cleaning up the list (depending on the number of notes of course :D)
  • Giveaway ends Friday June 28th, 2013 at 11:59pm EST
  • There will be 7 winners, omg!
  • Winners will be picked using a random number generator
  • Signatures include Evan Wells, Christophe Balestra, Neil Druckmann, and Bruce Straley
  • Giveaway is not limited to location
  • Tumblr is not affiliated/responsible for giveaway, etcetc.

*Prizes (In order in photos):

  • 1rst Pick - 1 signed Limited Edition The Last of Us Strategy Guide (w/ stickers)
  • 2nd Pick - 1 signed The Art of The Last of Us Art Book (w/ stickers)
  • 3rd Pick - 1 signed (non-limited) The Last of Us Strategy Guide (w/ stickers)
  • 4th Pick - 1 copy of The Last of Us American Dreams Issue #1 *cover w/ Riley* (w/ stickers)
  • 5th Pick - 1 copy of The Last of Us American Dreams Issue #1 (w/ stickers)
  • 6th Pick - 1 copy of The Last of Us American Dreams Issue #1 (w/ stickers)
  • 7th Pick - 1 copy of The Last of Us American Dreams Issue #1 (w/ stickers)

I just want to thank you all for the support you’ve given the blog!  Since The Last of Us released, the TLOU community on Tumblr has grown and my following has become even more amazing.  You all rule and I appreciate the love and support you constantly send my way <333

If you have any questions, feel free to send me an ask!  Thanks for everything and good luck everyone!

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The Last of Us Post Mortems

Finished The Last of Us today, so naturally I scoured the web for some explanations and interpretations of the ending.

EuroGamer spoilercast

Edge Post Mortem

And my own impressions into the ending just after finishing the game:

The ending was a bit of a thinker for me. On the surface it portrays Joel’s act as selfish and completely inconsiderate of the needs or desires of others. Thinking back to the start of the game before the pandemic, Joel isn’t in the best of places. From the phone conversation he has, we find out he may be having some money/work troubles. I got the impression that his daughter may have been the only thing keeping him happy and in a comfortable state but this is based from very little information provided.

In the final section of the game, Joel becomes more talkative, opening up to Ellie about his past and generally becomes the more chatty of the two. Where Ellie is uncertain of their future and what will happen when they get to the hospital, Joel is making plans of what he and Ellie will do afterwards, (Teach her how to swim, how to play guitar, etc.). I feel Joel re-enters his comfort zone and becomes completely oblivious to his environment, most noted when he tells Ellie that they don’t have to go to the hospital. But this time, he’ll be more prepared to do what he can to stay in it. His personality has never extended towards being concerned for others. He needs Ellie to survive, even if that means prolonging the pandemic.

I think the theme of “Incidents happening for a reason” has some effect on Joel’s irrational actions and what this theme means to both Ellie and Joel, but that’s for another badly phrased essay :P

Writing some patterns for stage lights I plan on building over the summer using LED strips and a Raspberry Pi

Writing some patterns for stage lights I plan on building over the summer using LED strips and a Raspberry Pi

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College finished. Could be the last exams I’ll ever have to do. This track seems apt for the sentimentality of it all.

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I fixed my lcd tv over the weekend. Far less complicated than I thought. Only consists of 3 main elements, the Power Supply board (white), the Main Logic Board (green, large) and the Panel. The Time Control Board in the panel had some dodge cables causing flickering on screen, so it was just a matter of moving them to a fixed location where the screen would not flicker with some Styrofoam and some good old sellotape.

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The product of the final week of college. I mean, if it’s in a book it must be true!

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Some glitched images using the “Wordpad Effect”

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Replacing iPhone 3GS screen digitizer

Replacing iPhone 3GS screen digitizer

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Rekindling my love for electronics and embedded systems. I’m going to make an LED pole this summer and see if I can put that Raspberry Pi to good use

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